Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses IPDAS?

The vast majority of the IPDAS users are legal assistants and paralegals. A few of the IPDAS features – Prior Art Viewer, Electronic Filing Wrappers, and Web Reporting – were designed with attorneys in mind. Attorneys should become familiar enough with IPDAS, especially its citation tracking, reporting, and document viewing capabilities, to understand which areas of the program they may want to use.

How frequently are the PTO and PCT forms updated?

The forms are updated as frequently as the PTO and WIPO make changes. When new forms are issued or forms or fees revised, IPDAS updates are released, usually within 48 hours of the time of posting on the filing authority’s website.

How will our existing client reporting letters be added to IPDAS?

At a firm where attorneys have already agreed upon the language of their forms, setting up the IPDAS library involves reviewing the comparable versions of each customizable IPDAS template and determining whether to create the form from scratch or edit the existing IPDAS version. In either case, the IPDAS Template Builder enables users to add new templates or to modify existing templates in any of the four IPDAS sub-libraries (letters, captions, emails, and memos). Custom forms can be designated for use firm wide or specific clients.

Can we create client reporting letters as emails in Outlook?

There are more than 75 letter templates that can optionally be generated as e-mails in Outlook: the contents of the letter output to the email in the same format, including the ‘Re’ block, the salutation, and preferred closings. This option is also available when you customize our standard templates or when you create your own. IPDAS handles the need for assistants to prepare letters on behalf of attorneys and for these emails to be sent under the attorney’s name.

Tell me more about an IPDAS-docketing integration...

We have integrated IPDAS with all the established docketing systems. This integration is a one-way import (from docketing to IPDAS) built custom for each new client according to their requirements. Designed to eliminate manual rekeying, this automated import pulls specified fields that have already passed docketing validation rules into the IPDAS database for use when populating forms and letters. Our technical staff will consult with you to identify those data fields (typically 25 or 30) that should be imported into the IPDAS database and the rules that will govern this import (e.g., the frequency of the updates, which system will maintain the data, etc.). This automated import takes place during your initial installation of IPDAS and continues daily for specified fields.

Does the application interact with Document Management Systems? Which ones?

Yes. IPDAS can save documents to and retrieve documents from Document Management Systems (DMS). It takes only a few mouse clicks for IPDAS to automatically save and profile documents it creates. IPDAS can also save documents that it does not generate, such as PDFs retrieved from esp@cenet or Outlook emails, directly into your DM system. Using pointers stored in the IPDAS database, documents can be retrieved from your DMS as necessary during program execution (e.g., to e-file, to attach to an Outlook e-mail, or simply to view).

We integrate IPDAS with any DMS product (or version thereof) used by our clients, currently iManage, eDOCS DM5, Worldox, and NetDocuments. Our policy is to stay current with the systems our clients are using or plan to use, so we are likely to support additional systems, upon request.

For firms that do not have a supported commercial DM system, we also offer the ability to save documents in an organized folder structure (e.g., by client or matter) on your network. We call this IPDAS DM. While it doesn’t offer the features of a full-fledged commercial DM system, it does have the advantage of being a free and easy-to-use way of managing your documents.

How do I obtain IPDAS pricing?

Pricing information can be obtained by contacting Sharon Frey: -- 703.405.5674

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