Document Assembly & Automation

Blank Templates Transformed into Ready-to-File Documents.

Begin with a group of blank templates, and in a matter of seconds, IPDAS transforms them into fully completed documents - profiled, stored, and accessible from the Electronic File Wrapper.

  • The process starts with a quick check for data accuracy: an easy-to-run docket data report assists in determining if case data in your IPDAS database is accurate and complete.
  • The document creation process is intuitive: the user progresses through a series of screens to supply any additional data not already in the database. Users can edit or add missing data to the database during the document creation process.
  • The data comes directly from your IPDAS database, which is populated from a variety of sources:
    1. a custom import program which runs daily pulls specific fields and new cases from your existing docketing database
    2. USPTO’s PAIR and EPO’s esp@cenet (for reference data, inventor names)
    3. manual data entry
  • The forms are fully completed documents ready to sign or submit electronically.

All from one, easy-to-use desktop application: IPDAS.

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