IPDAS Integration with PTO’s EFS-Web

Streamline the Entire E-filing Process.

IPDAS improves efficiency before, during, and after e-filing: by creating documents that are accessible for desktop review, signature, and approval; by uploading docket data and documents into the EFS-Web system; by offering post-submission tools for tracking and reporting to clients.

  • Assemble ALL documents in a single place (the EFS-Pending folder in the EFW)
  • Make last-minute edits, review, approve, and sign documents from the IPDAS desktop
  • Let IPDAS add document categories/descriptions, complete the submission form, and upload documents into EFS-Web
  • Mark documents as Official Filing Copy and send as attachments to clients in Outlook

RESULTS = fewer manual steps, less paper, a well-organized approach.

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