IPDAS Electronic File Wrapper (EFW)

At-A-Glance View of Documents in Patent Application Case

From our docket wrappers (EFWs), users see all case files within an organized folder structure. Users can see their documents within multiple views (the tradition multi-tab view, a three pane view and a two pane view). Individual files can be compared side-by-side using the two-pane viewer.

  • Documents are stored in the underlying document management (DM) system or network drive where the EFW is pointing
  • Add documents directly from Outlook and Word to EFW
  • Zip and e-mail files from within the docket file wrapper
  • Give clients access to read-only copies of EFW documents via our Web Reports module
  • Download case documents from the PTO’s Image File Wrapper into an IPDAS EFW
  • E-Office Action participants can download new correspondence for many cases at once

RESULTS = convenience, greater access to case documents, time savings.

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