IDS - Citation Management

Creating an IDS Has Never Been Faster or Easier.

IPDAS automates IDS preparation, stores reference data, and tracks cross-cited art.

  • IPDAS populates the IDS, (form-fillable) SB-08, and foreign associate letter
  • Bibliographic data is retrieved from USPTO and EPO websites and stored in IPDAS
  • Foreign patent PDFs and NPL documents can be linked to citation records
  • Citation data can “flow” across cases linked by priority dates and/or subject matter
  • IPDAS tracks citation status (e.g., what’s been cited/not yet cited)
  • IPDAS citation reports provide useful information, such as which citations have not yet been cited or related cases where a supplemental IDS may need to be filed

All the data is stored in IPDAS – it takes just minutes to generate the actual IDS package.

RESULTS = time savings, data reliability, improved tracking.

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