IP Forms Library

The IPDAS Library is Extensive and Up-to-Date.

The IPDAS library ships with an extensive collection of official PTO and WIPO forms, customizable reporting letters and emails -- all effortlessly populated with data from your IPDAS database for consistent and accurate results.

  • Patents and trademarks - exact replicas of 150 USPTO-issued official forms
  • International PCT Applications - roughly 25 forms issued by WIPO and EPO
  • Easily customizable letters, captions, emails, and memos
  • Generates letters, captions, memos, emails in Word, PDF, and Outlook

AutoDocs staff monitors the USPTO, WIPO, and EPO websites daily for modifications to the official forms and fees and then promptly issues software updates.

The entire IPDAS library accessible from every desktop.

Download IPDAS Template List

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