PCT Practice

IPDAS Supports International Filings.

IPDAS stores and manages data for PCT filings, inbound applications to the US, nationalizations to non-US countries, and correspondence with your foreign associates.

  • Forms and fees changes at WIPO and EPO are reflected in IPDAS software updates
  • Our PCT forms library covers everything applicants need during Chapter I and Chapter II
  • Our selective EPO forms library helps you more effectively interact with your foreign associate filing in the EPO. If the data resides in IPDAS, then it will make sense to prepare certain forms (e.g., the 1010 or 1200) in IPDAS
  • Our letters and emails assist when corresponding with foreign associates
  • Data for PCT filings can be managed in IPDAS and exported to PCT-SAFE

Save time and protect your electronic filing fee discount with our PCT-SAFE integration.

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