IPDAS: Intellectual Property Document Assembly System:

  • Why Choose IPDAS?

    Highly Specialized Patent Prosecution Software.

    Over 75 law firms and corporations have chosen IPDAS for its competence, efficiency, and superiority at IP forms creation and IDS management. IPDAS improves data reliability and accuracy and saves time throughout every stage of prosecuting patent applications with the USPTO and under the PCT.

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  • IP Forms: Patents.  Trademarks.  PCT Filings.

    The IPDAS Library is Extensive and Kept Up-to-Date.

    Our reputation as the industry’s leading software tool for IP forms is earned daily as we continually monitor PTO and WIPO forms and fees, promptly issuing software updates to reflect changes.

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  • Document Assembly & Automation:

    Fully Completed Prosecution Documents -- in seconds.

    Whether preparing a large group of documents for a patent filing, a set of reminder letters for multiple clients, a PCT Request package, or a complicated form like the Information Disclosure Statement, IPDAS gets it done quickly and accurately, and with minimal effort.

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  • IDS - Citation Management

    Citations Automatically Flow to Related Cases in IPDAS.

    IPDAS is the most advanced IDS preparation tool on the market today.

    Once you’ve seen it, you’ll want it.

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  • IPDAS Integration with the PTO’s EFS-Web

    Best Practices for E-Filing Begins with IPDAS.

    The IPDAS EFS-Pending folder is workroom central, the place where versions are assembled for final review and signing. Once documents are ready, users begin the submission right from within IPDAS, relying on its built-in integration with the PTO’s EFS-Web system to complete the submission form and upload documents.

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A document assembly and automation system that does far more. Inside IPDAS you’ll discover more than you’d ever first imagined...jam-packed full of features to help you get your work done faster and more efficiently.

  • IPDAS Electronic File Wrapper – now includes multiple views (the traditional multi-tab view, a three pane view and a two pane view), the ability to add documents directly from Outlook and Word to the EFW.
  • IPDAS Tree View – the new IPDAS Tree View features the ability to create relationships between dockets directly from within the graphic display.
  • Advanced Reporting – Give clients access to their data, reports and documents. Our latest web-based reporting system is more powerful and easier to use than any reporting system on the market today.
  • E-Office Action Integration – Download e-office action correspondence directly to your document management system.

Our decision to license IPDAS was driven by the leverage that the application provides. We believe that its powerful database, document production capabilities, and built-in electronic filing capabilities allow us to optimize the delivery of services and provide Wolf Greenfield with a distinct competitive advantage in the IP legal marketplace.

Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

Reducing the risk of malpractice was one of the most important reasons for purchasing IPDAS. Now our secretaries can't imagine living without it.

Fishman Stewart PLLC

Our data collection, document production, and electronic transmission are consolidated into one single system that is easy for our personnel to use. IPDAS allows us to enter the 'hard data' pertaining to a patent application once, verify that data, and then know that the correct data are included in all of our submissions to the PTO.

Lerner David Littenberg
Krumholz & Mentlik LLP

We find AutoDocs to be exceptionally fast in responding to PTO changes in forms, fees, and rules. IPDAS has greatly improved our work product generation and accuracy.

Nelson Mullins
Riley & Scarborough LLP

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